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Hites Hardwoods produces 3 1/2 million board feet of hardwood lumber per year.  Hites Hardwoods is a buyer of standing timber and timber land and supplies a majority of the mill's logs itself.  Most timber is harvested within a 60 miles radius of the mill.  Hites Hardwoods believes in select cutting and being careful to cause the smallest amount of damage to younger trees for future harvesting.

Out of the 3 1/2 million board feet produced annually we select 1,500,00 board feet to dry for furniture grade lumber.  Staying up with the latest technology, Hites Hardwoods burns green sawdust to supply steam for their kilns. Now the whole log is used with no waste product, from the bark for landscaping, sawdust for energy, slabs for paper chips, to dry shavings for bedding.  After the lumber reaches its final drying stage, the lumber is conditioned to relieve stress which will result in better milling.  

Lumber can be purchased in the following stages:

Lumber can be purchased in the following stages:


Kiln Dried S2S

Kiln Dried S.L.R.

Species available:

Red Oak

White Oak



Hard Maple




Other Products available include:

Dry Shavings

Green Sawdust

Landscape Bark

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